Cool Weather Fishing Pointe A La Hache

When the weather cools off, the fishing heats up in Pointe A La Hache on the east bank of The Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish. Today Captain Chris Danos shows us how easy it is to catch plenty of speckled trout within site of Bechel’s Marina.

Rippin’ Tide and Runnin’ Reds (Part II)

Capt. Shane Mayfield of Adventure South Guide Service takes the crew out for some redfish action in Venice, LA along the canes and then bull reds in the gulf. You will even get a little taste of the singing duo!

Get’n Shallow in Pointe A La Hache

In this episoade LOATV ventures into the shallows of Pointe A La Hache, LA to sight fish redfish with Capt. Shane Mayfield.

Krewe of Tuna

Mike “Chief” Duke from Salt Grass Lodge along with deck hand Laine Fontenot all pitch in and take turns reeling in these bad boys. Capt. Gray Long loads the boat up showing us how to essentially free float your bait for weary tuna. We went 28 miles out and produced an end-result of around 400lb in fresh tuna filets — I’d call it a success!

Cast & Blast

Cajun Adventures owner Ryan Lambert takes the crew deep into the southern marshes of Buras, Louisiana for a little late season cast and blast action.

Snapper Vision

Dr. Mike Kleamenakis takes the crew to the rig laden areas off the Venice Coastline in search of big speckled trout and snapper.

Chilling the Most

Tony Altieri, of Chilling the Most Beverage Cooler, joins the crew this week in Venice, LA, along with Capt. Shane Mayfield for some mid summertime speckled trout and redfish action along the river delta coastline.

Rippin’ Tide and Runnin’ Reds

Shane Mayfield takes us in search of reds and teaches us how to fish the tide and points around Venice, LA.

The Buras Bandits

Capt. Lloyd Landry takes us out for the beginning of the fall transitional speckled trout bite and we look forward as to what is to come for fall fishing.

Trout A La Hache

Capt. Sal Gagliano joined by Ben Weber of the Louisiana Charter Boat Association take us to Pointe A La Hache, LA, for December winter trout fishing in deep cuts between shallow bays.