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Sleeping In

I’ve made it to my senior years in life, and there’s nothing I like better than to sleep in. You roll over, look at the clock (5am), turn off the alarm and enjoy the best hour or two of sleep you’ll ever get. It hasn’t always been that way for me. In my early life […]


Interview with Foster Creppel Part 2: Common Ground

In Part 1, Woodland Plantation proprietor Foster Creppel described how creating freshwater swamps could restore the delta. Here Creppel explains how a highly successful aquaculture project in Spain could be a model. BRUNO PRAGER (Publisher): I’d like to ask a question here. FOSTER CREPPEL: Sure, go ahead. BRUNO: So, those (freshwater swamps) would obviously be […]

The 10 That Got Away

Of course this is a fishing magazine. But my publisher asked me to write a hunting article for the December issue. He titled it, “The Ten that Got Away.” Well, I like the title, but it suggests failure. If any of you deer hunt like me, you have had failures. Think positive. So the real […]

Speckled Trout Find Bayou St. John

There are more encouraging developments regarding restoration of Bayou St. John. You may recall that in May of 2014, LPBF had the final vegetation planting of our wetland creation project at the mouth of the bayou on the lake side of the floodgate structure. LPBF initiated monitoring of the vegetation and the plant cover has […]


Where the Hell is Dularge?

If you were to ask 10 different anglers north of theI-10 what is their favorite winter inshore fishing location, you would likely get 10 different answers. Chances are none of them would say “Dularge!” If you were to ask them if they ever fish Dularge you would likely get a reply such as “Where in the hell is Dularge?” They are not alone. I was one of them. I would sometimes see fishing reports with pictures of nice trout or reds caught “Down in Dularge” and the same thought occurred to me, “Where in the hell is that? I need to try that place out”.

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Interview With Foster Creppel

Going Forward: Part 1 BRUNO (Publisher): One reason I find it interesting talking with you is that you know the spectrum of the situation, including a rich understanding of the ecology that has marked our conversations, also the history of the Delta and the pure ecological mechanisms behind it all, including things that you’ve mentioned […]

Basic Fly Fishing 101

In recent years there has been an incredible rise in the number of people interested in Fly Fishing. At one time not many years back most of the interest was fresh water but today in this area there are as many people wanting to try their hand at Salt Water